From the initial welcome to the finished home on your land, you will feel that someone is looking after you, and fighting your battles for you.

We will sit down with you and make preliminary drawings until you are happy with the finished concept. We are here to listen to what you want!
After you are happy with the quote and have secured finance for your project, we will sign the contract. We can then get all the relevant documentation in place with council, building surveyor, draftsmen and engineering, and soil tester.

Once the building process begins it will take form in a matter of 10-12 weeks, and you can make appointments to come to the factory and have a look at progress. We will also be taking progress photos for you as the home progresses.

On the day of the move our expert truck and crane operators will safely place your home onto piers that have been pre prepared. Once in place and secured into position we will swing into action with getting the site work finished. Then all you need to do is bring your furniture and move in to your new home.

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