Complete Solar Energy Solutions

We have Solar Energy solutions for you

Make Home Solutions have partnered with a Tasmanian renewable energy expert of 20 years, to bring you the most complete and cost-effective solar PV solution required for any home. As traditional energy costs are going up, Australian homeowners and new home builders are recognising the necessity to have their homes connected to a renewable energy source either On or Off Grid.

If you're looking to install Solar PV system on your existing property, call us for more information 03 6263 6735

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The most cost-effective and easy-to-use solar PV system for home use, suited for any household looking to reduce energy costs by using a clean and efficient energy system.

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Industry leading hybrid PV systems combining the innovation of both On-Grid and Off-Grid solar technologies available. They come with battery storage or with battery storage and utility power backup.

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Designed to deliver the equivalent expectations of the utility grid. Off-Grid solar PV systems are not only easy to install but are also noiseless and produce zero emissions.