Make Home Solutions offers a professional service throughout the entire course of the project –from conception through to completion.

The key advantages of Make Home Solutions services are: Step-by-step quoting process to ascertain the anticipated construction budget prior to the completion of the final construction and engineering drawings. Clients are fully aware of the anticipated preliminary costings before committing to further expense in preparation of formal documentation and specifications. Our step-by-step approach allows you to maintain total control of the project and associated costs.

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When it comes to your new home we ensure you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost – with no surprises along the way. Our experience has shown that often the builder’s final quotations come in higher than the client’s initial expectation or the architect’s estimate. Frequently this results in the project either needing major redesign work or even being cancelled – either way, it’s a frustrating and costly result.

To avoid these costly delays and disappointments Make Home Solutions now offers you a distinct quoting process that will keep you fully informed throughout the course of the project. Make Home Solutions guarantees our projects to be on time and defect free upon completion.